Sunday, December 1, 2013


Gratitude Wrap

Hustle Jacket

New Moto Jacket
Passage Sweater

Post Chaturanga Pullover

Feel Good Pants

Perfect Paris Cool Racerback
The Gratitude Wrap has shown up. I passed on ordering one (for now, I might cave to peer pressure) but I did order my old favorite Feel Good pants. My current ones are now too big for me. I also ordered the Paris Perfection Cool Racerback. I am also debating ordering the Passage Sweater.

What did you get?

Update - I went back and ordered the heathered Inkwell GW. I couldn't take the peer pressure. I also noticed Canada got this baby and we didn't:

A heathered herringbone black white Forme II jacket.

Australian Surprise Upload

 Bleached Coral No Limit Tank

 Guava Lava Wunder Under Crops

 Parallel Stripe Free to Be Bra

 Surge Studio Crops - not sure if we'll get these since it's our winter now.

 Surge Sun Chaser Hat - would love for us to get this but doubt it.

Cute Winter Quilt Grooves

More of the Latest

The SE Removable Hood Scuba Jacket.

Winter Sprinter tech fleece pants and ruffled SE CRB.

More ruffle Scuba photos.

Ruffle Wunder Under pant and Vest Scuba.

Calm and Cozy jacket

Yogi Racer Tank