Friday, November 29, 2013

OT: Book Published About the Bethesda Store Killing

Those of you who are long time lululemon followers and readers of this blog remember the shockingly awful murder that happened in their Bethesda store a couple of years ago. A reporter from the Washington Post, Dan Morse, covered the story for that paper and has now written a book about it that recently came out. If you are a true crime fan and are looking for something new to read as you travel about during the holiday season you might want to pick it up or download it for your e-reader. Dan sent a copy of the book to me and I'm about a quarter of the way through and it's an interesting read so far. I will admit that it was a bit hard for me to start since it hits a little too close to home  -  we're all big lulu fans who shop at our stores frequently and we could probably swap out our nice upscale store and pretty, friendly educators for the store and ladies covered in this story. I know one of the people mentioned in the story and talked to her a little bit about it. She said all the people who worked there have moved to other stores or no longer work for lululemon. The story is covered very matter-of-factly, though, and not at all luridly, so that helps.

Perfect Paris Items in Showrooms

New Perfect Paris items have hit showrooms. Shown are a Flow Y, Cool Racerback (mine!), and a No Limit Tank (getting this one, too). Crossing my fingers these don't bleed. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photos.)

 The special edition lace back Cool Racerback.

 The Ruffle Cool Racerback.

The ruffle-hem Cool Racerback.

The ruffle Nice Asana jacket and Coco Pique Wunder Under pant.

Shown with coco pique Wunder Under pants

Ruffle Scuba jacket.

Ruffle Wunder Under Pants.

Bow Wunder Under Pant

Vest Scuba jacket.

Another SE Scuba - this one has a bow on the hood. I like the print a lot, though. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

There is also a removable hood SE Scuba. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

The new coco pique Wunder Under pants.

Calm and Cozy jacket.

 Surge / Inkwell Beautiful Baroque No Limit Tank

 Yoga Racerback in Inkwell