Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New We Made Too Much and Special Edition Items Uploaded

This is the black Ruffle CRB but my Mac changed the color on me - sorry

Some nice prices in the We Made Too Much section tonight. There are also a number of new and special edition items uploaded tonight. Since the WMTM has such nice markdowns (I got a black Mod Waves CRB for $24 (love my Ras Glo one) and a pair of Cornflower check Groovy Run shorts for $29) I am hopeful there will be some nice deals in the stores on Friday. A number of stores are opening at midnight around the country. I know one of mine opens at 11 pm tomorrow night. Did you order anything tonight?

Update: Ooh, interesting new striped swiftly shirt revealed in a headband photo:

More of the Latest

Shown with Practice Daily crops

Inner Calm burnout tee.

The new black wee stripe Skinny Will pants. They have a little polyester in them and a bit of a sheen to them, I thought, but otherwise were nice.

Mind and Body Kits.

Winter Sprinter Hoodie in Bleached Coral. Shown with tech fleece Speed Tights.

Keep It Up Jacket and Speed Tights.

Practice Daily Crops in black Full On Luon. I wore these yesterday to the gym for my workout and really liked them - comfy, opaque, with flattering lines. 

Ruffled Up Pullover, Special Edition Items, and More

New Ruffled Up Pullover and Practice Daily Pants.

The new special edition Scuba/Vest. I like the lulu patch on the left arm. Shown with a Base Runner hoodie underneath.

Ruffled Hem Cool Racerback

Ruffled Speed Shorts

Lace Back Cool Racerback

Lace Grooves (I think)

Coco Pique is back. Shown with the black pique and herringbone Wunder Under pants.

Yogi Racerback tank.

 Calm and Cozy jackets have hit the stores.

 Surge No Limit tank and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under pant.

Enlighten and Expand Totes

New camo Pace Breaker and Core shorts for the men.

RE: Special Uploads - Last year, there was a normal We Made Too Much upload on Wednesday night and a few new items showed up later than night. Then there was an upload late Sunday night for Cyber Monday.