Monday, November 25, 2013

Hints of What's to Come

 New shirt? Pullover? Not at all tempting.

So is this the new version of the Don't Hurry Be Happy or a new heavy pullover?


I went way out on a limb and got the black Base Runner hoodie. It looks like cozy, warm softness, perfect for chilly days. I don't care for Surge and the gray has a bit of a sci-fi show look to it and hasn't looked that flattering in any of the photos I've seen yet so I went with safe black. I ordered a couple of sizes.

I don't know why my Mac sometimes messes up the brightness when I copy a photo but in this case it works. This is the bottoms modeled with the Base Runner hoodie. They look like the Brisk Blossom print in a run bottom since I see holster pockets on the leg. I guess it could be a pair of the new Practice Daily pants.

The new Core Kicker luxtreme crops look intriguing. These are for gym only since they don't have a ton of pockets for running but I am loving that lulu is making more cute luxtreme bottoms for the gym. I want to give these a try on at the store.

New Softshell Keep It Up Pant. I don't need these for my climate but I know people who love their lulus soft-shell pants for winter activities.

The new toiletries kit for this holiday season. 

I didn't post about it but I also got the Soot Brisk Blossom Print Scoop Neck tank and a pair of the Practice Daily crops in black at the store this weekend. I returned my pique black Skinny Will pants (nice but can live with the Herringbone and pique I already have) and one of the Raspberry 105F tanks I ordered (I ordered two sizes. The raspberry is nicely vibrant and opaque so a keeper for sure. This makes 105F singlet number four for me.)

Did you order anything tonight?

New Australian Banner - Black and White Brisk Bloom Textured Forme Jacket

I know someone commented in here that there were new banners on the Australian site and I clicked through a few but never made it to the jackets, I guess. This Forme is beautiful. This must the traditional black and white holiday print - Brisk Bloom Black White - for this year. Just gorgeous.

Update - a reader informs me this will be a textured Forme Jacket. I am not sure what that means when it comes to prints like this. I know I tried on the Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket and that was "textured" too and it didn't feel any different than any other print Define I've ever tried on.

NEW! Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece Pant and Pullover, Keep It Up Jacket, and More

Also shown is the Cozy Up flap toque.
New Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece pants are brushed on the inside. Shown with the rulu Base Runner hoodie. Damn, I like the whole thing. I really like my Base Runner pants - I put them on over my luxtreme crops as a to from layer and they are super cozy - I wonder if the Winter Sprinter would be even warmer.

New Winter Sprinter Tech Fleece Pullover. It looks nicely functional. I believe the top color is Bleached Coral.

New Keep It Up jacket.

More Base Runner Hoodie photos. Also shown is the Keep It Up jacket layered over the Winter Sprinter Pullover.

The new Keepin It Cozy Sherpa Items and Cozy Up Earflap Toque.

NEW! Base Runner Rulu Hoodie, Keeping It Cozy Sherpa Fleece Mittens, and Savasana and Stride Jackets Returning

New rulu Base Runner hoodie ($98). Looks kind of cute. It also comes in solid black.

New Sherpa fleece-lined Keeping It Cozy Mittens. The price is $48. There is also a neck warmer. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the photos.)

Other new items spotted in stores (but I don't have photos yet): a tech fleece pullover called the Winter Sprinter hoodie ($118) and a new soft-shell jacket called the Keep It Up jacket ($198).

Also, it was announced on Hey Lululemon that the Savasana Wrap and Stride Jackets will return. Yippee. I own neither of these. The Stride is a beloved design but I never really picked up on the Savasana love. I don't think these go for a lot on the used market, unlike the Gratitude Wraps which routinely reach in the $300-400+ range depending on the color.