Monday, November 18, 2013


Ooh! Some goodies tonight. I restrained myself to the black pique Skinny Will Pants and the Black Beautiful Baroque Bangbuster. However, I wouldn't mind one of the new No Limits in either Raspberry or Winter Orchid, a new Raspberry or Surge Swiftly, a pair of the Surge Gros Gingham Groovy Run shorts (but those only were on the Canadian side), the Inkwell Beautiful Baroque Wunder Under Pants (but I am going to wait for the crops on those) and a Raspberry Energy bra.  There was also reversible Deep Zinfandel/black Wunder Under Pants uploaded. What did you get?

Base Runner Pullovers, Practice Daily Tank and Take Me Om Pant

 Herringbone Base Runner Half Zip Pullover, Inkwell Wunder Under pants, and a new stripe print in the Flow Y.

Base Runner Half Zip Pullovers in Herringbone, Raspberry, and Black.

New Practice Daily Tanks and Surge/Inkwell Wunder Unders.

New Take Me Om Pant and Forme Jacket.

NEW Take Me Om Pant and More

Raspberry Base Runner Half Zip and Deep Zinfandel Gros Gingham Shake N Break Shorts.

Herringbone Base Runner Half Zip

Practice Daily Tank (it is made of luon light) and new Take Me Om Pant.

More Herringbone Half Zip and Practice Daily Tank

 Herringbone Base Runner Half Zip

Practice Daily Tank and Inkwell/Surge reversible Wunder Under crops (yay, crops!).

2 in Run 1 tank and Speed Tight Cozy tights.

Raspberry Push UR Limits Tank and plaid Speed Shorts - love this look.

What the gift cards look like this holiday season.

NEW! Herringbone Base Runner Half Zip, Inkwell Wunder Unders, NEW Practice Daily Tank, and More

 New Herringbone Base Runner Half Zip

New Practice Daily Tank.  My guess is that it is luon light.

New reversible Inkwell/Surge Wunder Under Pants. I think I want a pair of these. The reversible ones tend to be nice and opaque, too.

 The Hot Cheeks shorts.

 Raspberry Base Runner Half Zip

Speed Tight Cozy and 2 in Run Tank