Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Latest in Australia

Deep Zinfandel Yeah Yoga Bra and DZ Beautiful Baroque Wunder Under crops.

Winter Orchid Ebb to Street tank and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under Crops

Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket

More of the Latest

Surge and Raspberry Swiftly LS.

Inkwell Beautiful Baroque Speed Shorts. Shown with the Surge Power Y and Raspberry Swiftly.

Hot Cheeks Shorts.

 Raspberry stripe Power Y and Skinny Groove Pant.

From Australia, the Raspberry Ebb to Street tank.

Herringbone Nice Asana Jacket.

Push UR Limits and 2 In Run Tank

Base Runner pant photos.

So, anyone get surprised with their Base Runner pant order this week? I thought I was ordering the black Base Runners but it turns out I really ordered the Heathered Black ones. (Good thing I decided to go with a smaller size at the store earlier this week.) I only looked at the photo and not the description. The photos/descriptions are switched for the Black and Heathered Black pant. So, you've got to go by the description and not the photo when you order if you are ordering them right now. I've read comments from people who got their orders earlier this week so lululemon knows about this problem and is paying for return shipping. HOWEVER, it's Thursday and this still HASN'T been fixed. Can someone write up a work ticket already and get the photos fixed on the website? WTH. 

2 In Run Tank and More

Heathered Raspberry and Heathered Surge LS Swiftlys. Also shown are Speed Tights and Base Runner Pants.

The first photos to come out of the new 2 In Run Tank.

Push UR Limits Tanks

The Calm and Cozy Pants are finally hitting US stores. I am dying to try these on.

The Herringbone Nice Asana and Deep Zinfandel Striped Power Y.

Beautiful Baroque Forme and Deep Zinfandel Inspires.

Herringbone Nice Asana Jacket and More

Herringbone Nice Asana Jacket.

Heathered Black Base Runner Pant.

Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket and Wunder Under Crops paired with an Aria Tank. I tried that Forme on the other day and really liked it. It's very showy.

 Inkwell Beautiful Baroque Speed Shorts and a Cornflower Flow Y bra, I think.

Heathered Raspberry Swiftly SS and Reverse Groove Shorts (I think).

Inkwell Yeah Yoga Crops.

Fluff Off Pullover and Can't Stop Pant.

 Fluff Off Vest and Base Runner Open Your Heart LS.