Friday, November 8, 2013

Pure Balance Sweater, Calm and Cozy Sweatpant, and More

Pure Balance Sweater photos. The Deep Zinfandel is super pretty.

Calm and Cozy Sweatpant photos.

Deep Zinfandel Studio Pant

Beautiful Baroque Forme and More

Finally, a photo with good lighting. The Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket and Deep Zinfandel Inspire Crops.

Another Beautiful Baroque Forme photo and the new Virasana Wrap jacket.

Deep Zinfandel/Winter Orchid Power Y and Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Yeah Yoga Crops.

Open Your Heart LS and Skinny Groove Pants.

Pure Balance Sweater and Beautiful Baroque Wunder Under Pants.

Pure Balance Sweater Photos

Some more Pure Balance Sweater photos.

Beautiful Baroque Forme, In the Flow Crops, and Aria Tank.

Winter Orchid and Raspberry Ebb to Street Tanks

A kind Australian reader sent us a photo of the new Winter Orchid and Raspberry Ebb to Street tanks. She also said these come with the regular lululemon bra cups and not the triangle-shaped ones the first batch of Ebb to Streets had. I like both of these a lot. I wonder if there will also be a Surge and Deep Zinfandel coming.