Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NEW! Virasana Wrap and More Photos of the Latest

Black Beautiful Baroque CRB. I cannot wait until this CRB comes to the US. It's super pretty. I bought the Deep Zinfandel BB WUP today and they were 88% polyester so I assume the black and inkwell versions of this print are similar. The Deep Zinfandel was nicely thick and not at all sheer, even when stretched. (I'm going to do a separate post about this later today. I also tried on the Full On Luon Skinny Grooves and Wunder Unders just to cement how I feel about the fabric/styles and will comment on that later.)

New french terry Virasana Wrap.

I tried these on today and liked them but since I unexpectedly bought the Beautiful Baroque WUs I think I will be returning the ones I ordered. I already have the black WAFs Groovy runs so don't need another black pair. I also thought the plaid looked a bit like men's boxers on me.

The Deep Zinfandel Rose Herringbone print and Raspberry scubas. My store had these Scubas today.

Calm and Cozy sweat pants and the Open Your Heart LS. I was hoping to try the pants on today but my store didn't have them yet.

Deep Zinfandel In the Flow crops.