Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Latest and Some Try On Reviews

Shown with Deep Zinfandel In the Flow crops
Size dots are back - yay!!

Lots of photos of the new Aria II tank and Skinny Groove Pants. I tried on both these items today. I really liked like the Aria II. The luxtreme was super thick with good coverage. I thought the support was pretty decent, too. I thought very seriously about getting this but I ordered the Push UR Limits and I want to get the Raspberry No Limit Tank when it shows up in the US so will leave this at the store for now. However, if it shows up in a the baroque print I might change my mind. I thought the Aria fit TTS and it's a decent tank for bustier women for low impact activities.

I also tried on the Skinny Groove pants. I really disliked them on me. I just don't have the right legs for them. The Full On Luon fabric didn't feel much different that what I remember from when I tried the Wunder Under Pant on over the summer. The material is thick and was opaque in my TTS. It has a bit more of a sheen to it than regular luon. I tried the size down but it looked worse and I could see a faint shadow of my underwear in a deep bend. I probably could have used a size up in these but I map into the twelve on the size chart so I am out of luck there.

The striped fabric shows through on the side and sleeve seams.
I also tried on the Open Your Heart LS and really liked it. It's thicker and reversible, like the older Cabin LS, but it's a single layer, not two layers stitched together. I've been wanting a heavier weight long sleeve tee for the fall/winter and lululemon finally made one.  I really like the shape, too, and for once, the sleeves are not insanely tight. I ended up sizing down to the six (bottom photo) since I thought the eight (top photo) was a bit long. This top is definitely a one, if not two, size-down unless you prefer like the oversize look that is in style now. I ended up getting the Inkwell/Surge one.

Heart Opener LS and Calm and Cozy Pant

Shown with Skinny Groove Pants

Shown with Raspberry WUs

Shown with Skinny Grooves

She definitely sized down

Shown with Skinny Grooves

Photos of the new Yeah Yoga tank. I didn't try this on but I felt it. The luxtreme was not nearly as thick as that used in the Aria II tank. My store also had this tank in the Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Print, like in the bottom headband:

New Fly Away Tamers in Beautiful Baroque Black and Deep Zinfandel and solid Deep Zinfandel.

Shown with Deep Zinfandel In the Flow crops

The new Scubas in Raspberry and Deep Zinfandel Rose Herringbone Print.

I also felt up the Knit Happens scarf and other things at the counter when I was paying today. I really liked the scarf a lot - it was super soft, not at all scratchy, and felt high quality but I don't live in a climate that requires me to have an $88 super-nice wool scarf.