Monday, November 4, 2013

Upload - Part II

So, once the website finally settled down I ordered the Skinny Groove pant in the solid black. I am really excited to try these.

I also ordered a Push UR Limits in the Deep Zinfandel color. I wasn't sure what size to get since my chest has shrunk a bit but I remember these tanks aren't the most forgiving so I went with a ten and the darker color. I have been thinking how much I have wanted a luxtreme tank with a built in bra and I haven't liked anything very much since the Top Speed tank from last summer. I used to have a few Push UR Limits but I can't remember why I ended up selling them. The Raspberry Push is super pretty, too, and if I rekindle my love for the Push I'll consider getting the Raspberry one.

I also ordered the Black/Soot Gros Gingham Groovy Run shorts. I am a sucker for plaid Groovy Runs.
 I also ordered the striped Bangbuster.

Canada got a solid Raspberry No Limit tank (want this!) and a black Baroque Print CRB. I hope we get those, too.

We also got some hints of items to come. The two I am most excited about are the print WUs shown in the Pants banner and the Props banner. The outfit in the props banner is the same from the Instagram video hint we saw last week:

What did you order tonight?

Upload - In Progress!!!

Well, God knows what's with the upload tonight. Things keep appearing on the website and disappearing or you can't add them to your cart or they are on the mobile site but not available from a computer or vice versa. I'm not sure what I am ordering. Someone said they saw a Raspberry No Limit Tank but it disappeared. I am ordering the Skinny Grooves now that they are finally in my cart. I'll update with my final order later after the website settles down.

Update - I'm reading on my Facebook group boards that the new Full On luon is a tighter weave and more compressive than the first batch that came out over the summer. So, if you have been sizing down from the size chart because regular luon has a lot of stretch and not too much compression you might want to rethink what you ordered. I know I tried on the Full On Luon Wunder Under Pants over the summer and found them really nice and compressive and TTS (and when I say TTS I mean the measurement off the size charts.)  I am planning on going to the store to try some of the new Full On Luon stuff on. If anyone has recently tried the new Full On luon stuff on, please comment in with your fit reviews.

More of the Latest

Skinny Groove Pant and what looks like a new Deep Zinfandel/Winter Orchid Striped Power Y.

Skinny Groove Photos

This woman has just sold me the Skinny Groove Pants. They remind me a lot of my favorite Energize pant. They are supposedly made of the new Full On Luon, too.

Some more Skinny Groove photos. These are Inkwell ones. Shown with a Surge Aria II tank.

Knit Happens leg warmers

Photos of the new reversible Raspberry/Black Wunder Under Pant.

The Heart Opener Ls and Skinny Wills

The Raspberry Aria Tank, Skinny Wills, and a Scuba.

NEW! Black Plaid Groovy Run Shorts and Yeah Yoga Crops

I think those are Deep Zinfandel Ebb to Street tanks but can't tell for sure since the color looks more wine than purple. I am also loving those black plaid Groovy Run shorts.

 New Yeah Yoga crops in Surge. They are made of luon with mesh panels.

Another photo of the Aria II tank and Skinny Groove Pants.

NEW! Open Your Heart LS, Aria II Tank, Skinny Grooves, and More

Pretty new Open Your Heart LS tee in Inkwell and Surge. It's reversible and made of modal cotton. I really like this. Underneath is shown the Aria II tank in Surge.

New Raspberry/Black reversible Wunder Under Pants. Also shown is an Open Your Heart LS in Deep Zinfandel.

More Open Your Heart LS in Deep Zinfandel/Winter Orchid Stripe, Skinny Groove Pants, and a Surge Aria II tank.

Skinny Groove Waistband

Skinny Groove Pant

Open Your Heart LS in Deep Zinfandel/Winter Orchid, Aria II Tank in Deep Zinfandel, and new Skinny Groove pants. Also shown are items from the Knit Happens line. I really like the look of the Skinny Grooves.

New Yeah Yoga Tank in Deep Zinfandel and Winter Orchid.

New Aria II tank in Surge and Raspberry. I really liked the original Aria Tank, it was one of the first lulu tanks I ever bought.

Items from the Knit Happens line.