Friday, November 1, 2013

Rumor - The Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover is Coming at the End of the Month

November is going to be wallet-busting for me, I just read the Don't Hurry Be Happy sherpa fleece pullovers (a.k.a., the DHBH) are supposed be coming at the end of the month. This photo is from the first release. If you don't have one, you might want to think about getting this cozy warm pullover. Here are some detailed photos from the one I ordered two years ago. I ended up selling that one since keeping a white pullover clean was stressing me out and got a solid black one last fall. If the new DHBH comes in that pretty Deep Zinfandel or another nice color I'd consider getting a second. I use mine to watch soccer games in on chilly fall and spring days. I find it too hot to wear when walking around because once I start moving in it I really heat up, however, it's a super cozy pullover for chilly days.

Update - another source tells me the DHBH is not coming in November so I am getting some conflicting intel. As a consolation, some of the new down pieces are coming in Deep Zinfandel which sounds super pretty.

More Pique and Herringbone Forme Photos. Also, Comparison of This Year's Pique Forme to Last Year's Pique Define

The Pique Forme Jacket.

Pique Forme, Pretty Pink Forme, Inkwell/Green Bean Forme

Herringbone Forme. 

My Define is dry now so I thought I'd compare it to the Forme to see if there is still a difference in color between the two piques and there is. The pique in the Forme is a bit lighter than last year's Pique Define. It looks like the gray used in the Forme is a bit lighter, which is odd because it's supposed to be Black with Deep Coal and the Define used regular Coal. In all the photos, the Forme is on the left and the Define is on the right.

Print: Beautiful Baroque, New Color: Raspberry

I must have lightened this photo by accident but it gives a good look at the print

Sharp-eyed readers noticed the new colors in Astro shorts that made it to the We Made Too Much Section - Surge/Inkwell/Beautiful Baroque. I've seen a swatch of Beautiful Baroque and I think this must be a very blow up version of the print because it almost looks like camouflage in this photo.

Another new color in the Astros was Raspberry with Macro/Micro Stripe Raspberry. This looks a lot like the Raspberry that was out a few years ago:
Raspberry Origami Jacket