Wednesday, October 23, 2013

En Route Jacket and More

Live Simply in Cornflower and Inkwell. The Cornflower is shown with the new High Low Wunder Under Pants in Paisley Inkwell. I tried the Live Simply on today and liked it a lot. I liked that they added a double zipper to this version. I thought it ran TTS. If it came in some more interesting colors like heathered black or heathered inkwell or some other bright colors I'd think about getting one.

En Route Jacket photos.

The Green Bean/Inkwell hyperstripe Avenue Pullover.

New Tech Mesh Singlet (it looks like it may have been delayed because the color is older - Zippy Green, I think) and the Inkwell Paisley High Low Wunder Under Pants.

 The Pretty Pink Slalom Vinyasa Scarf.

 The new Scubas.

 Shine Tights.

The Pretty Pink 105F Singlet.