Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Avenue Pullover, Live Simply, and More

Green Bean/Inkwell Avenue Pullover

Live Simply

 En Route Jacket.

 Green Bean Fast Cat Skirt and Inkwell/Green Slalom Cool Racerback

Inkwell/Green Bean Forme Jacket and Wunder Unders

Inkwell Groovy Run Shorts and Green Bean Swiftly LS

Sea Wheeze Designs Hit the Australian Side of the Website

Well, we suspected it would happen - Sea Wheeze gear is once again for sale on the Australian side of the website, minus a very few items. At least this year the items have a regular lululemon logo and not the special Sea Wheeze logos (thank you for that, lululemon). I am glad the special Sea Wheeze plaid "registration" shorts didn't make it, nor the Sea Wheeze Mermaid Cool Racerback.