Saturday, October 12, 2013

NEW! Shine Tight, Second Chance Pant, and More

New Shine Tights (top and bottom left photo - very super hero-y to me), new Green Bean In the Flow Crops, and new Second Chance Pant with mesh inserts.

Love this color combo - Plum Swiftly with the new Pretty Pink Speed Shorts.

I tried on the Soot Wee Space Run For Fun Crops last night and really liked the color. It was much more camouflaging than the Plum Wee Space Inspires which I ended up returning because I could see the shadow of my black underwear through. If Soot WAFS Inspires are coming I think I would definitely consider them especially if they were solid with no mesh insert.

These are the Scubas the stores are getting - Commuter Denim Black, Inkwell/Green Bean Slalom Stripe, Inkwell and Pretty Pink Paisley. I really liked the Commuter Denim Black and the Pink Paisely. The Inkwell Paisely is nice but I don't think the color is rich enough. I like it when lulu colors seems to glow with richness.

New Pace Breaker shorts in Inkwell/Green Bean hyperstripe and Mojave Tan. I am really digging the Mojave Tan ones for some reason.