Friday, October 11, 2013

The Avenue Pullover Has Arrived

New cotton fleece Avenue Pullover is here. It's coming in three colors, I know there are two grays and I'm sure the third color is black.

More of the Latest and a Few Try On Reports

New Pretty Pink and Cornflower Vinyasa scarves. 

I got to try on the Keep It Cozy Pullover today. I thought it fit TTS and was a bit longer than the Warm Up Crew and a bit less boxy. However, the material is oddly spongey feeling. It's fairly thick so I think it's overkill for my area, especially to run in. I will keep an eye out for it in case it hits the markdown rack.

My stores did not get the Keep It Cozy Jackets in.

Scubas have arrived in SoCal stores. I got to see this one, the Inkwell Paisley and a couple others. I tried on the Inkwell but I think the Pretty Pink version is richer looking. I decided I didn't need a seventh Scuba so passed on this one.

Inkwell Full Tilt and Inspires. My store had both these pieces. The Inkwell had nice, thicker feeling luxtreme.

I didn't get to try the Karmady LS on but I did get to try the Inkwell October Ziggy Skinny Wills and Wunder Under Pants on. They are super soft and not as sheer as the black but on par with the August Inkwells, I thought.