Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ziggy Scoop Neck Tank and More

Photos of the Angel Wing Hyperstripe Energy Tank. The matching Speed Tights are shown in the bottom photo.

A small glimpse of the Ziggy print Scoop Neck tank.

Soot striped Bend and Flow Tank.

New Energy Tank Colors and More

 The newest colors in the Energy Tank.

The solid Plum Nice Asana is in the US. Also shown in the Blue Moon Nice Asana Jacket.

One for Om Leotard. Not sure why this is back.

Cornflower Blue 105F Singlet.

 The Plum and Cornflower Ebb to Street Tanks.

 Plum Hyperstripe Bend and Flow Tank.

 First Base Tank and Plum Groovy Run Shorts.

Vinyasa Scarf Colors.

Trouser Pant. This girl wears them well but I don't care for them at all.

Plum Wee Space Energy Tank

Plum Wee Space Energy Tank. This space dye print isn't exciting me much in this tank, maybe it'll work for me in another piece. Or, will look better in real life.

The new Ear Warmer.

Ladies Getting the Lay Low Camo?

Yoga mat tote in camo print

A sharp-eyed member of one of my facebook groups (good eye, Ms. B.!) noticed this new Namaste Yoga mat tote color - Lay Low Camo Black - that was part of the upload. That's the same camo pattern that is on the men's side. The bag was uploaded to the women's side of the website so it seems it's a strong hint this is the camo pattern we'll be getting.

Previous Camo - Retro Camo. It came in Wren and Black.