Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Shopper Totes (Updated)

This photo came up in my news feed earlier today but comments about it made me want to take a closer look at it and post it. Not one of the prettier bags, that is for sure.

From a reader:

What is up with their new bags??? I get the concept of everything in moderation but then they write out the concept with letters made of cigarettes, joints, condoms, alcohol, unidentified pills, junk food, poker chips and syringes.... Huh?

I got the new shopper tote with my order today so here are some close ups of the items that make up the letters. 

Lined Studio Pant and More

Soot Lined Studio Pant and new Angel Wing Hyperstripe Energy tank (top photo).

The new Cornflower Blue 105F Singlet.

More photos of the Urbanite Henley. I really like the striped one in all the photos.

New Plum Groovy Run Shorts. These are too similar to the pair I already bought. Hoping for an Inkwell pair to come.

Vinyasa Scarves, Modern Racer tank left, and Ruffled Cool Racerback.

Angel Wing Scuba hoodie.

More Urbanite Blazer, Shirt, and Pant photos.

Cornflower Bend and Flow Tank

Modern Racer, Heart Opener Tank, and More

Run With Me Toque

Modern Racer tank photos. I am not loving this batch of colors in the MR even though I do love the style and material.

New 105F Tank in Angel Wing.

Plum hyperstripe Vinyasa scarf and Bend and Flow Tank.

Heart Opener Tanks.