Saturday, September 14, 2013

Angel Wing Ebb to Street Tank and More

Some more photos of the Ebb to Street tank. I just ordered the black one, my third in this style, today. I wouldn't mind the Angel Wing but it seems kind of sheer. I hope there are more colors coming in this tank.

Urbanite Blazer and Pant. I typically can't stand anything from the commuter bike line and it seems this season is no different. However, the Urbanite pant actually looks kind of cute.

 The Angel Wing Hyperstripe Power Y.

 Pow Stripe CRB and Ruffled Up Wunder Under Pants.

 Ziggy Wee September black Wunder Unders crops - these are new. I am tempted but I found the pant sheer in these. I wonder if the Ziggy Inkwells are coming in the crop, too. I think I'd like a pair in that print.

In the top photo - Ebb to Street bra, Flow Y bra, Energy bra. The bottom photo shows Free to Be bras.