Monday, September 9, 2013


Where is that Paisley Scuba?

Really liking this Swiftly

New color - Orange Soda

Canada got this

Canada got this, too

Love the front

Boo on the sides and the back
No thanks.
Ooh, hope to see this Wee Space on a tank or Energy bra.

So, nothing for me, thank goodness. I could use a break. I really like the Soot Swiftly LS a lot but would like to see it in the store. I can live without it for tonight.

Did you get anything?

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Astro Pants and More

Cornflower In the Flow Crops and CYB tank.

New Angel Wing Hyperstripe Astro Pants and Cornflower Blue Dance Studio Jacket

 More of the Ziggy Wee Inkwell Nice Asana Jacket.

Ziggy Wee Inkwell Wunder Under Pants

New Black/Pow Stripe Nice Asana Jacket.

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Bliss Break Hoodie

The new Angel Wing Hyperstripe Speed Shorts and Bliss Break Hoodie.

Ziggy Wee Nice Asana Jackets and More

The Ziggy Wee Augst Glo and Inkwell Nice Asana Jackets. The Plum is calling to me but I tend to get tired of printed jackets pretty quickly.

 I really like this whole outfit - CYB tank and Ziggy Inkwell WUP.

 These Ziggy Wee Augsust Inkwell Wunder Under pants are calling to me. Anyone try them on yet?

New Free to Be Bra Colors and More

I am loving the look of the CYB tank in the top photo. Anyone try it on yet? Does it fit TTS? I may order the black one tonight.

New Free to Be Bra colors.

Two Tone Ziggy Wee Augst Inkwell Nice Asana Jacket. I'm not loving this in the jacket. A little of the pattern goes a long way.

The Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Wunder Unders, CYB Tank, Ziggy prints, and new Pow Stripe Nice Asana Jacket.

Cornflower Blue Dance Studio Jacket.

Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Nice Asana Jacket, WUP, and More

CYB Tank and Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Wunder Under Pants. This photo is from a US store so these pants are now here.
Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Nice Asana Jacket and Split Pea Shake and Break Shorts. This is also from a US store.