Friday, September 6, 2013

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Speed Shorts and More Try On Reports

I am loving this outfit! New Hyperstripe Angel Wing Soot Light Reflective Speeds and a coordinating Rest Less Tank. I tried on the Rest Less tank the other day. It seemed true to size and comfortable. Not a ton of support for busty women who run but would make a decent gym or spin class top.

Another outfit with the Angel Wing Soot Hyperstripe Speeds, this time with the Angel Wing Ruffled Cool Racerback. Also shown is the Angel Wing Soot Hyperstripe Energy bra. I tried on this CRB today. It felt nice - decently thick and soft but I hate the exaggerated curved hem of the front. I hope a regular CRB is coming in this color because it's a very pretty off-white.

I tried on the Full Tilt LS today and really liked it. The neckline has been fixed so that it lays nice and flat. The running luon is wonderfully thick and soft, not like the thin stuff that was being used last year. If you are looking for a long sleeve rulu top, you should take a look at this one. I thought the fit was TTS.

I also tried on the new Won't Stop Vest and really liked it. I thought the fit was true to size. It felt substantial for being made of rulu and glyde. I see the one review currently on the website mentions a sticky zipper - I had the same problem she did zipping it up. One thing I didn't like about the vest is that the front pockets do not zip closed. There is a back zipper pocket which will fit an iphone but I like to have all the zipper pockets I can for running.

The new Manifesto LS shown with the Ziggy Wee August Glo Wunder Under crops and a fluffin Awesome jacket.

The Black Modern Racer with the Ziggy Wee August Glo Wunder Under crops. I took the tags off mine today and wore them for cardio and weights. I did a session on the stair-master and then ran for twenty minutes or so and the inside of the crotch did not get any pilling. The crops feel a lot like super stretchy silky luxtreme and are very breathable. I was really thrilled with how they performed for a cardio workout on a hot summer day.

The Ziggy Wee August Inkwell CRB. I was dying to try on the WUP in this print since it feels thicker than the Ziggy August Glo but my store didn't get these.

The Skinny Will Pant in the Ziggy Wee September Black pattern and the Ruffled CRB.

Can't Stop Jacket

Suns Out Guns Out Vest. 

More Studio and City Softshell photos.

City and Studio Softshell and More

Also shown is the new CYB Tank

Photos of the new City Softshell jacket. I didn't see this at my store today but it's way overkill for my climate.

Studio Softshell Jacket jacket photos.

The Ruffled Up Forme. The Angel Wing details are nice.

I got my Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Cool Racerback today and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper. It looks really nice with Inkwell bottoms. The material is soft and thick and gives good coverage.

The Blue Moon/Ziggy Wee August Inkwell No Limit Tank.

A couple of Won't Stop Vest Photos.

 More of that pretty Angel Wing Scuba.

Plum Racer Me SS Tee and Speed Shorts. I got my plum Groovy Run shorts in the mail today and they are super soft and stretchy. I love them.