Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ruffled Up Cool Racerback, Fluffin Awesome Jacket, and More

The new Ruffled Up Cool Racerback in Black.

Shown with Speed Tights

The new Fluffin Awesome Jacket.

Shake and Break shorts, Fast Cat Skirt, Plum Speed Shorts

Shown with the Race Me SS tee.
A new Fast Cat skirt in Plum, Angel Wing, and Black. It looks a bit like a cheerleader outfit. Also show is a Fast Cat skirt in Raspberry Glo hyperstripe. Also shown are new Shake and Break shorts in Inkwell and Split Pea. I tried on the Shake and Break shorts but didn't like how the leg openings flared out on me.

The new Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Cool Racerback and Special Edition Wunder Under Ruffled Pants.

Plum Speed Tights

Plum Rest Less Tank and Inkwell/Plum Hyperstripe Run For Your Life Crops.

 The latest Forme Jackets.

Plum Speed Shorts, Can't Stop Jacket, Rest Less Tank and More

The new solid Plum Speed shorts everyone is excited about. After I saw these pop on my feed I was inspired to order the Plum Groovy Runs. It's been so hot here and I love the Sea Check Groovy Runs I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I saw quite a few Sea Check shorts at the Disneyland Half this weekend.

The new Can't Stop Jacket in Black, Plum, and Angel Wing. Shown with the Speed Tights.

Shown with the Speed Tight.

Photos of the new Rest Less Tank.

NEW! Rest Less Tank, Speed Tights, Solid Plum Speeds Now in Stores, and More

Some photos of the new Rest Less Tank. Shown with Run For Your Life Crops in the top photo (I want the whole outfit), and the new Speed Tights in the other photos.

The new Plum and Black Fluffin Awesome Jacket. I am hearing it runs tight in the arms.

New solid Plum Nice Asana jacket available in Australia.

Ziggy Wee September print Will Pants.

New headbands and prints.

Also, solid Plum Speed shorts have been spotted in US Stores.