Monday, August 26, 2013

Upload [Nightmare!!!]

Ugh, so I think I am getting at least three (!!!) Plum Cool Racerbacks now. I had a ton of trouble checking out. I never got a confirmation screen on any of my orders but now I am getting confirmation emails and so far I have two plum CRBs on order. My initial order was the Plum CRB, the Plum Energy bra, the pique Skinny Wills (even though I am not a huge skinny will fan but they're pique), and the Midnight Iris Duffel. I'm not sure which, if any, of these orders will actually go through. I wish lulu would get more bandwidth or fix whatever the problem is that keeps hanging the ordering system up.

What did you (attempt) to order tonight?

More of the Lastest

 More Nice Asana Jacket and Journey Crop photos.

Inkwell Right As Rain jacket, Plum Hi/Low Wunder Unders, and new striped Cool Racerback.

NEW! Midnight Iris Work It Out Duffel, Journey Crop, Right As Rain Jacket, and More

Gorgeous new Midnight Iris Print Work It Out Duffel. This is really calling to me. I don't know if I can resist it.

New mesh-backed luon Journey Crop. I love the Mod Waves Cool Racerback with the mesh back and I bet these feel super nice. Also shown is the new Nice Asana Jacket in plum.

Two more photos of the new Plum Nice Asana Jacket. Ugh, When a jacket gets this long I wish it had a two-way zipper.

The Right As Rain jackets are back in Plum, Inkwell, and Black.

Plum Energy bra and Midnight Iris Wunder Under crops. The new Energy bras are in the stores. I hope Plum is uploaded tonight because I want it.

Plum Stuff Your Bra tank and In the Flow crops. I tried this tank on last week. I think it fit TTS though I found the armholes exposed a little more armpit fat than I liked.

Midnight Iris Forme Jacket, Track to Reality Pant, and Studio Softshell. I tried on the Track to Realitys last week. I thought they fit TTS but the legs are on the slim side so if you have thicker legs you might want to size up. They are lined and so I found them warm for this time of year in my area but they seemed like decent warm up pants.

New quilted waistband in Wunder Unders.