Monday, August 19, 2013


So many cute items uploaded tonight. I spent enough at the Sea Wheeze and recently on the midnight Iris CRB and Scuba so I can't spend too much this month but I did order the Sea Check plaid Groovy Run shorts tonight. I know plaid Speeds and Groovy Runs are in demand and I really like my Sea Wheeze plaid Track Attack shorts. If Track Attacks came in Sea Check I would have totally gotten them but Groovy Runs are nice, too. I tried on the Shake and Break Sea Check shorts last week but didn't like how the legs flared out. I also like that Groovy runs have gel pockets in the waistband and a back zip pocket for my phone.

What did you get? I think lots of people had big orders tonight.

NEW! Fluffin' Awesome Vest, City Pulse Pant, and More

New Fluffin' Awesome Vest

New Stuff Your Bra tank. I'll have to give this tank another try.

New City Pulse pant.

New Midnight Iris print Energy Bra and No Limit Tank

Tech Mesh Tight and Chai Time Pullover. I don't think I've seen a bad photo of the tights yet.

More Studio Jacket photos.

Plum Precision Singlet and Sea Wall Pant

New Post Gravity Jacket

More Dance Studio Jacket and Pant Photos

More photos of the new Dance Studio Jackets and Studio Pants.

The new Studio Pant and crop colors. Studio Pants now come in regular and tall lengths so us average-height people don't need to get so much hemmed off, if any.  I know my store seamstress is able to save the drawcord at the bottom but I know not every store does. The regular length inseam is 31.5" which is just about perfect for me at 5'5".

New Scuba Color & DSJs Have Hit the US

New Scuba in a funky stripe pattern.

Studio Pants are out in Plum and Inkwell.

 The Dance Studio Jackets (DSJ) have hit US Stores, too.

Metal Vent Tech Shirt in Silver with Love Red Accents.