Thursday, August 15, 2013

More of the Latest

Photos of the gray striped Fast Cat skirt.

Plum and Soot Light Dance Studio Jacket.

Black Metal Vent Tech and Plum Surge Short.

Plum Still Pants, Midnight Iris Energy Tank, and More

The Plum Still pants looks so nice with the Midnight Iris Cool Racerback. I bought that tank right before I left for Vancouver and am wearing it today with Charcoal WUs.

New Midnight Iris Energy Tank. Shown with a Race Me LS and Run For Your Life crops in the plum hyper stripe pattern.

Blue Moon and Plum Hyper Stripe Power Ys

Note the headband. Hopefully there will be a tank in that pattern.

Some more Track to Reality crop photos in Inkwell and Plum. Shown with the Blue Moon Race Me LS and Inkwell/Blue Moon Cool Racerback.

Chai Time Pullover photos. Shown with the Midnight Iris Wunder Under Pants in the top photo.

Midnight Iris Wunder Unders - look how saturated the pattern is over her knee - it has been going white/getting faded in similar black-based patterns-  and Chai Time Pullover.

The new Fast Cat skirts. Note the new chevron gray pattern on the right.

The Blue Moon Race Me LS. Not the new print in the headband. Hopefully, there will be a CRB in this.

 Bitty Bracer, Shake and Break shorts, and Race Me SS.

 Sea Check plaid Fast Cat Skirt. It kills me that this pattern is listed as "Sea Wheeze" on eBay.

 Hustle and Bustle tank in Plum with Raspberry Glo hyperstripe Run For You Life Crops.

The men are getting Plum, too. These are the 7" Surge Shorts.