Monday, August 12, 2013

Australian Heads Up

The Dance Studio Jacket (aka, DSJ) is back. It's coming in Plum, Soot Light, Inkwell, and Black. These photos are from an Australian store so it's not in North America yet. Also shown is a new striped Cool Racerback. I saw Fly Away Tamer headbands in this print in Vancouver.

 New Plum/Raspberry Glo Mod Moves tank.


New Shake and Break Shorts. Heard they are just as long and fit very similar to the Track Attacks. I like both of these a lot but I am so over spent from the Sea Wheeze weekend. I will wait to try these on in the store. They don't have a zip pocket so aren't optimal run shorts but I guess I could use a flip belt or something with them.

Very pretty Race Me LS in Plum. Very tempting.

Lots of items in the Sea Check Plaid. The top is a new Fast Cat skirt. The bottom is the new Pace Setter skirt. I've read comment that this Pace Setter runs small.

 New Dharana crop. They remind me a bit of Relaxed Fit crops but with an Astro waistband.

 Hideous French Terry Half Cut Pullover.

 So, so temping - Hyper Stripe Rasbperry Glo/Plum Run For Your Life crops. Want!

New Swift Track to Reality pant - cute.

So many tempting new items tonight but I spent a ton of money going to the Sea Wheeze and I don't want the husband to have an aneurysm so nothing for me tonight. Though, I want to see those new shorts in the store.

What did you get?

NEW! Hustle and Bustle Tank, Race Me LS, and More

Bliss Break Wrap photos from the product notice emails. It is made of French Terry and is $128.

The Energy Tank I spotted in Vancouver.

New Hustle and Bustle Tank

New Race Me LS. This looks like it's made of silverescent. 

NEW! Bliss Break Wrap, Universal Wrap, Tech Mesh Tight, and More

New Tech Mesh Tight and Sheeriously SS top in the top photo. Second photo featured the new Universal Wrap. I like the edgy look. The designs of these pieces remind me of Nesh NYC stuff.

New Bliss Break Wrap - very cute.

New Blissed Out Short II colors.

Universal Wrap in Black Swan, White, and Black.

I think the sharpest run outfit I spotted in this weekend's Sea Wheeze was a woman wearing Plum Inspires and a Raspberry Glo Fast Track tank. It was gorgeous and she wore it well.

Tuck N Flow LS