Monday, August 5, 2013


So many goodies uploaded tonight. I had a bunch of things in my cart but restrained myself to just ordering the Midnight Iris Scuba since my local store has not received any of the new Scubas yet. I also want to get the Blue Moon Cool Racerback but will try and pick that up in the store.

What did you get?

NEW! Universal Wrap, Tuck and Flow LS, and More

New Cool Racerback in Midnight Iris. CRBs also coming in Blue Moon and Hyperstripe Raspberry Glo Light/Plum. Man, I think I'd like all three.

New Universal wrap in heathered white, heathered black, and heathered black swan.

New light running luon Tuck and Flow LS coming in Soot Light, Plum, and Black.

New Bitty Bracer bra made of Swim material.

New Itty Bracer. I think this is a different bra than the above one but not sure.

New Midnight Iris Print Energy Tank.

New Daily bra in Raspberry Glo Light Hyper Stripe.

New Inkwell Inspires.

The Atma tank.

More of the Latest

Amta Tank and Bliss Break Sweatpant.

Track Attack jacket and Bliss Break hoodie.

Stuff Your Bra Tank

Atma Tank

NEW! Midnight Iris Print, Atma Tank, Energy Tank, Stuff Your Bra Tank, Vinyasas are Back and More

New Atma Tank in Midnight Iris Print. I like the look of this tank and the print.

Atma Tank in Plum. Also shown is the men's Core Hoodie.

The Energy Tanks are hitting the stores.

Stuff Your Bra Tank in Blue Moon

Vinyasa scarves are back, this time in a print! I might get the print one.

Cute new braided headband style

Very nice looking new Core Hoodie for men.

The men also get a new Cranberry color in the Metal Tech Vent shirt.

Bliss Break Hoodie and Sweatpant Photos

More photos of the new Bliss Break hoodie and sweat pant. I think the blue striped one is probably called Inkwell Hyperstripe.  I kind of like both pieces.