Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Hatha Hour Bag, Luxtreme Wunder Under Crops, and More

New Happy Hatha Hour bag. It looks super large.

From the Australian side of the website, new Mod Waves CRB colors.

The new Luxtreme Wunder Under crops.

Racer Shorts

Try On Reports: Luxtreme Wunder Unders & Full-on Luon WU Pants

No photos for this post since I'm having some computer issues and working from my iPad but I got to try on the new luxtreme Wunder Under crops and Full-on luon Wunder Pants today and want to write about it. I LOVED both of them.  I ended up buying the WU Lux crops. I thought they were fantastic - compressive and thick. Regarding opacity, I could see a shadow of my underwear when I bent over but I was wearing bright orange undies and (full confession) my bedonkadonk rear does exceed the lulu size chart hip measurement a little. I think once I have on black undies and am fully in line with the size chart they'll be totally no show. I plan to use these for spin and cardio at the gym. I'm also going to wear them for local runs when I don't have to carry my phone.  I definitely want another pair. I thought the fit was a compressive TTS.  I have just one question for lululemon regarding the luxtreme Wunder Unders - WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?

I also tried on the new Full-on luon Wunder Under pants. I liked them a lot, too. The material is compressive, cottony soft, and thick. I think these gave a bit better coverage than the luxtreme WUs. I would have got them but the store only had the pants and I want them in the crops. These also fit TTS and are nicely compressive.

All in all, these are two great new offerings in Wunder Unders.