Thursday, July 11, 2013

Color Comparison: Sizzle, Mac N Cheese, Chirp, Mellow Lemon, Burning Yellow

Mac N Cheese Hills Pullover, Chirp Jazz Headband, Mellow Lemon Bangbuster, Sizzle Cool Racerback, and Burning Yellow/Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback

Mac N Cheese Hills Pullover, Sizzle Cool Racerback, Chirp Jazz Headband Left, Mellow Lemon Bangbuster on right.

Mac N Cheese Hills Pullover and Sizzle Cool Racerback
My Sizzle Cool Racerback came today. It's very close to Mac N Cheese but brighter. This Cool Racerback is made in Canada.

Sizzle and More

Sizzel Cool Racerback, Spry Free to Be bra, and a new quilt Groove pant.

 Sizzle Speeds with Fast Track SS tops and a Love Red Cool Racerback.

New Charming Headband. Looks like lulu's version of those flelt-backed ribbon headbands you can find at run expos.

I like this outfit - Runbeam LS, Love Red Cool Racerback, and Fast Track shorts.

The Twin Stripe Cool Racerbacks. Shown with the Love Red Inspires and Voyage Sweatpants.