Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sizzle Speed Shorts, Love Red Fast Track Shorts, and More

New Sizzle Yellow Speed Shorts shown with a Love Red Energy Bra and a Raspberry/Black Mod Move Cool Racerback.

New Love Red Fast Track Shorts. Shown with a Fast Track tank.

From Australia, Love Red Scoop Me Up tank and Bandha crop.

Spry Heart Opener Tank and Promenade LS shown with Love Red Studio Crops.

Cool Breeze Fast Track Short Sleeve

Love Red Inspires, Love Red Studio Crops, and More

The new Love Red Inspires. Shown with the Fast Track tank in the top photo.

Love Red Studio Crops.

Shown with the Serene SS top

Shown with a Love Red CRB and Contempo Jacket

Black Voyage Sweat pants and A go Go Crop

More Voyage Sweat pant photos.

Spry Blue Heart Opener Tank and Voyage Sweat Pant

Love Red Speed Shorts.

Heart Opener Tank and Play All Day Shorts.

 Light As Air Short and Metal Vent Tech

Precise Singlet and Surge Short.

Australian Upload Goodies

Two new Runbeam LSs were uploaded. I think I want both. I can't decide if the Mod Dot one is quirky or too 101 Dalmations but I kind of like it.

The Promenade LS were also uploaded to the Australian website in white, Love Red, and Black.

 Fast Track Shorts in Love Red.

Spry Scoop Me Up. There is a solid Love Red Scoop Me Up, too.

This whole new upload seems to be a callback to the Sea Wheeze items with the Love, Spry, twin stripe, and polka dot patterns. It's a very cute palette and I totally love.

Promenade LS Already in the US and on Ebay?

Anyone spot the Promenade LS at their strategic partner store? These photos are of a couple that were listed on eBay from a SoCal seller (or two, but I suspect the same one). One was listed over two weeks ago. The lulu Facebook groups are usually up on the latest to hit the SSPs so I'm a little puzzled where these came from and how this person got them so early. They also have the latest Heart Opener tanks, too. Since the seller(s) of these tops are from the LA area it kind of rules out them coming from the outlet, though I suppose someone could have made a trip to the northern California outlet.

Australian Heads Up

From Australia - New Promenade LS in White/Nimbus Twin Stripe and love red Bandha crops. I am dying to know what material that Promenade is made of. I will update when I find out. This top is made of Vitasea. Hmm, it seems these shirts have already hit the US since a couple have been listed on ebay since June.

 Twin Stripe Love Red Heart Opener Tank.

Love Red Rise and Shine Jacket and matching Speed Shorts. Looks like the Spry Swiftly LS is underneath.

Nice photo of the Love Red Speeds. I think the color looks pretty true to life here.

Spry Contempo Jacket.