Monday, July 1, 2013

Upload! (Updated)

The surprise of the upload to me the (re)appearance of the black wee stripe/black reversible Wunder Unders. These look exactly like the pair I bought about 18 months ago. The pair I have are super soft, very stretchy, and a bit on the thick side but there is no way to tell from the website photos if this pair will be the same. I didn't order them since I already have something that looks very similar.

I was hoping to see the Spry Cool Racerback but the only thing I got was the Mod Dot Bangbuster headband. It will add a fun element when I dress like a gym ninja in head to toe black.

What did you all order?

Update - Canada got a Love Red and Mod Dot All Sport bra. I wish the straps were dotted, too. My stores have not gotten any of the new All Sports in.

New Energy Bra, No Limit Tanks, Wunder Under Color, Pace Setter Skirt, and More

New Energy bras in Mod Dot and Spry Blue Twin Stripe.

New Wunder Unders spotted in Spry Blue Denim. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

New Twin Stripe No Limit tanks in Spry Blue and White.

Cute new Speed shorts in the Mod Dot/Twin Stripes (selling out in stores fast) and Cool Breeze/Quilt

The Mod Dot/Twin Stripes Inspire Crops

New luxtreme Bandha crops. Shown with the Bandha bra.

New Nimbus stripe Pace Setter skirt and Spry Cool Racerback.

Serene SS tees.

The latest Cool Racerbacks - Spry, Soot, Twin Stripe Black, and Twin Stripe Spry Blue.

Iconic Wrap photos.

Iconic Wrap, New Speed Shorts, and More

Iconic Wraps are coming in heathered White, heathered Dune, and heathered back.

New Speed Shorts in Twin Stripes/Mod Dot and Cool Breeze/Quilt.

Four new Cool Racerbacks are out: Black Twin Stripes, Soot, Spry Twin Stripes, Spry

Spry Cool Racerback

Spry Blue Studio Crops

Contempo Jacket in White/ Nimbus

Serene SS in Soot/Nimbus