Monday, June 17, 2013


Some interesting new items were uploaded (late) tonight but the only ones I really like are the Runbeam LS and the Mod Waves Cool Racerback. I didn't get either of these tonight because I am hoping for different colors in both of them. I would have also liked a Cool Breeze Swiftly tank but that wasn't uploaded either. I know a lot of people were waiting for the Multi Groovy Striped CRB and Energy bra but neither of those were uploaded. I've decided to pass on both of those.

The Track and Train tank reminds me of last years's Top Speed tank. I bought one of those last year and am super curious to try this new version on.

I am also curious to see the new Amped Tank in person. It's hard to tell from the photos which is the luxtreme portion and which is the swift. I think the entire outer shell is swift but I could be wrong.

Nothing for me tonight, not even a headband. I've decided to pass on the Pizazz (too bright) and Raspberry Glo (bleeder) bangbusters.  What did you all get?

NEW! Amped Tank, Breathe and Release Tank, Amped Crop, and More

New Amped Tank. It looks like it's made of Swift and the back "belt" makes it look like an apron so it'll be an easy pass for me. Though, if it turns out it's made of Circle Mesh I am in. It looks like the bra is attached.

New Breathed and Release tank. I am on the fence about this one. It might be a cute coverup over a tank.

New Amped Crop.

New Twin Stripe print in the Scoop Me Up tank.

New Raspberry Glo and Pizazz Bangbuster and Fly Away Tamer headbands.

 Beach Break Triangle Top and Trunkette on left, Beach Break Sport Top and Hipster on right.

Some more swim line photos. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the in store photos.)

More Play All Day short photos.

More of the Blissed Out Dress

New Cool Racerback Mod Waves. Not sure what is unique about this. It almost looks like it's made of luxtreme.

More Blissed Out Wrap photos. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the in store photos)

More of the Latest

More of the latest to hit the stores - the Blissed Out Wrap, the Mutli Groovy Cool Racerback (the MG Energy bra has hit US stores, too), and the new swim line.

Multi Groovy Cool Racerback is in the US

A few more photos of the Blissed Out Wrap.

The Multi Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback is in US Stores now. Shown with Hip to Be Zen crops.

NEW! Bliss Wrap, Beach Break Triangle Top, and More

New Blissed Out Wrap. It looks like it may be made of cotton instead of a knit. I don't have a price yet.

New Beach Break Triangle Top. There are two new swimsuits coming. I like the print on this.

Some more photos thanks to Ms. A. She says the solid pink top runs small/has no coverage but the bottoms seem to have more coverage this time around.

More photos of the new Blissed Out Dress. The top portion is luxtreme and the bottom is tencel. It also comes in Cool Breeze with Power Purple trim.

Play All Day shorts. The new shorts are made of Swift and are $58.