Monday, June 10, 2013


A number of cute things were uploaded tonight. This Ta Ta Topper is cute but I want to try it on in the store. It looks a bit snug in the bust on the model. Also, my running "uniform" is usually a Swiftly tank and luxtreme crops and I find that I just don't reach for the other running tops in my closet other than short sleeve ones like the Runbeam or Revitalize SS to cover my upper back from the sun.

The Voyage Sweat crops look very comfy to me but I want to try them on in the store. I have a pair of organic cotton Pranotthana crops I got off ebay that I really like and these remind me of them.

I would really like this Power Y but I need to cherry pick one for good stripe distribution. I would love one with a lot of pink in it like in the second photo (thanks to Ms. D. for the photo).

I didn't order anything tonight, what did you all get?

NEW! Multi Groovy Striped Cool Racerback

Check it out - a new Multi Groovy Cool Racerback! I really like this one. This is from an Australian store so not sure when it will hit North America.

Product Alert Emails Heads Up

Quite a few new cute things this week - Cool Breeze and Rosado/Raspberry Glo Voyage hoodies.

 New Cool Breeze Energy bra.

Pizazz Scoop Neck Swiftly LS.

 New Raspberry Glo Mod Moves Singlet. There is also a Pizazz one coming.

 New Rapsberry Glo/Black Scoop Me Up Tank.

 New Step Lively Crops.

New Will Crops coming in Soot and Power Purple.

New Off the Court Jacket.

The Voyage Sweat crops come in Power Purple, Black, Cool Breeze, and Soot Light/Black.

NEW! Run: Fast Track Luxtreme Shorts, New Ta Ta Topper Tank, and More

New luxtreme run shorts called the Fast Tracks.

New luxtreme and mesh tank meant to be worn with your own bra. It's called the Ta Ta Topper.

More photos of the new Voyage Sweat crop. Also shown is the new Voyage Pullover in Rosado.

There are new Voyage Pullovers out in Rosado and Cool Breeze.

New Mojo Striped Printed Black Pacebreaker shorts. Shown with the Precision tee in the top photo.

More Voyage Sweat Crop Photos

Two more photo of the Voyage Sweat Crop. I like the back/charcoal ones.

Breaking: Day is Stepping Down

I don't have much yet but Christine Day is stepping down. Well, well, well.

NEW! Voyage Sweat Crop and Raspberry Glo Rosado Voyage Pullover

New french terry Voyage Sweat crop in Power Purple. Lululemon hasn't made a cotton crop in a few years. I like these.

Also new - a new color, Rapberry Glo Light Rosado, in the Voyage Pullover. Such a pretty color.