Friday, May 31, 2013

Today's Shopping Trip: Charcoal WUs, Black Luon Grooves and Astro Pants, Voyage Hoodie, Runbeam SS, and More

I had to return the Runbeam Pullover and Bold Stripe Power Purple Aquamarine CRB I ordered so I made a beeline to my store to try on the new Charcoal Wunder Unders and see what else was new. People are saying the feel reminds them of static luon from a couple of years ago and after feeling them I have to agree. Some people are saying they thought they ran on the smaller side. I am not sure about that. I think they run about average for WUs. I don't think the material is overly stretchy so that may be why people are saying they feel snugger. I thought the coverage was good, the pattern hides flaws but the material is on the shinier side compared to most WUs. I didn't get them for a couple of reasons, one was that static prints dampen visibly with sweat. Another was that I already have black Wee Stripe and Black Space Dye WUs and can live without them. A third was that my Static Charcoal Still pants have pilled badly but I have to say this version of static feels a lot less stretchy than the older version. Now that I am going back and looking at my try on photos as I write this I am thinking they look kind of cute, I might think about ordering them if they show up online on Monday night. The fabric content is 41% nylon, 42% polyester, 17% lycra. As a bonus, they are made in Canada.

I also tried on the new Astros in the Power Purple/Zippy Green waistband and the new Grooves in the Nimbus Twiggy Print. After the yucky feeling of the black luon in the Still Grounded pant I was prepared to be disappointed in these pants but was pleasantly surprised. The luon felt very cottony and soft. I thought the coverage was decent - better than before but not super opaque under all conditions like old school luon. I had on black underwear and in a deep bend I could see my underwear but standing upright or in a slight bend I thought they are livable.

Check out the yellow in the new Multi Groovy Stripe pattern - it looks like Sizzle from the men's side.

My store got the Voyage hoodies in White/Nimbus, Black, Black/Soot, and Power Purple. I liked the jacket quite a lot and ended up coming home with the White/Nimbus one. The yoga board short material overlays the french terry on the back, hood, and sleeve but the front pockets are board short material only. It's a bit longer than the initial batches of Scuba Stretches. I measured armpit to hem at 17.25" in a size 12 vs. 15.75" in my size 12 Laceoflage Scuba Stretch. I thought the fit was a roomy true to size, definitely larger fitting than the Remix Light hoodies (favorite lightweight hoodie, ever!) from years ago. I didn't care for the Power Purple version because there are three different purples used in it (cuffs and ribbed hem are different french terry than the body) and the Black/Soot was kind of masculine, as someone here pointed out. I never get black french terry for fears of fading so that left the white version. If you are in the market for a lightweight French Terry hoodie then you may want to get one of these.

The Runbeam SS has been calling to me in the photos I've seen of it lately. I tried on the White/Aquamarine and White/Nimbus Bold Striped today. I ended up going home with the Purple Pocket one since it was kind of quirky. Since I am busty the pocket hits me higher on the chest. I burn at the mere thought of sunlight and will be doing a lot of summer training runs for my August races so I've been wearing my UPF tops more and had been toying with getting another top. I find the longsleeve and pullover tops too warm to wear but the short sleeve is fine. I thought the White/Aquamarine fit looser overall than the Bold Stripe Nimbus one.

Thanks to Ms. C. for this photo.
I also got a Nimbus Groovy Stripe Bangbuster today. My store did not have the colorful multi stripe ones yet. You do have to pick and choose the pattern distribution, though. I got the one in the top photo.

The last item I got today was a pair of black Pace crops that were on the markdown rack. I like the articulated knees and these were a decent price at $64. I am set for run crops now.

I saw the new White/ Nimbus Groovy Stripe No Limit tank in the store today but some stores are also getting this pretty Cool Breeze/Groovy Stripe Multi NLT and the Pizazz Orange NLTs.

Nimbus Groovy Stripe No Limit Tank and More

Nimbus Groovy Stripe/White No Limit Tank.

Voyage Hoodie and Still Grounded Pant.

A close up showing the side stripe down the leg of the Still Grounded pants in black. The stripe material is shinier than regular luon so it gives the black pant a tuxedo look.

Ignite Tank and Still Grounded Pant.

Zippy Green Runbeam SS and Beach Runner Crop

One Hit Henley and matching Pace Breaker Shorts. This outfit is a little too matchy-matchy for me and can't say I am a fan of the little pocket (not even a working pocket, just a reflective detail) on these shirts, especially bright orange on white. What is funny is that the white shirt shown on the website has a white pocket yet there are complaining reviews saying they got the version with an orange pocket and were unhappy.

Charcoal Wunder Unders

Another photo of the Charcoal Wunder Unders. This woman wears them well. I am hoping to see these on at the store today.