Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ebb and Flow Tank, In the Flow Crops, Mod Moves Singlet, and More

A great couple of photos showing the same tops and bottoms on different women. Most of the women are wearing the Mod Moves tank and all are wearing Speed Shorts. The woman in the white wee space Speed Shorts has on the new Ebb and Flow Racerback tank.

New Ebb and Flow Racerback Tank and Gather and Crow crops.

The new Power Purple Pace Setter Skirt shown with a Make It Count tank on top and Scoop Me Up tank on the bottom.

Clam Digger Crops in Power Purple and White. Shown with a Contempo Jacket, Zippy Green Forme jacket and Aquamarine Scoop Me Up tank.

Also show is the Hot Hitter Skirt

Love the waistband on the Inspires

More Mod Moves Singlet photos.

Hot Hitter Skirt

Inspire Crops

White Track Attack Shorts.
The new colors in the Make It Count Tank.

The new Power Purple In the Flow Crops. Inkwell In the Flow Crops are also out.

Live Lively Tank and the new Twiggy Wunder Under crops.

I actually like the Hot Hitter Polo in this photo. It's probably because I can't see the curved hem.

OTOH, the Hot Hitter Polo is a slobby mess here.

 Focus V and Pizzaz Pace Breaker Shorts.