Monday, May 20, 2013


Nothing for me in tonight's upload. Though, I might be interested in a pair of Clam Diggers if they are coming in Soot.

$68 for the Hot Hitter polo? Ouch!

Anyone get anything tonight?

BTW - Anyone know where this photo was taken? It looks a lot like the Strand Beach path in LA/OC but I can't place it. I've walked the Strand a lot in Hermosa, Manhattan, and Newport Beaches and up in Santa Monica/Venice occassionally but the double stripe and wall aren't matching up with any place I've been.
Update - people are telling me this looks like Pacific Beach in San Diego. I'll have to check it out next time I am down there.

More of the Golf and Tennis Line

Lol - I always practice my swing in flip flops on the side walk.
Club Shorts, Hot Hitter Polo, Skirt, and Dress photos.

More Hot Hitter Dress Photos.

NEW! Match Point Visor, Rally Bag, and More

The Hot Hitter Polo has a luxtreme front and Swift back.

Hot Hitter Skirt details.

 New Match Point Visor.

Photos of the new Rally Bag.

Hot Hitter dress and Rally bag.

Hot Hitter Polo and Club Short. The shirt seems a bit tight across the shoulders in the back - most of the photos I have seen are showing this.

Hot Hitter Sleeveless Polo and Skirt.

Hot Hitter dress.

NEW! Club Shorts, Hot Hitter Polo, Hot Hitter Skirt, and More

Some photos of the new Club Shorts. Also shown are the Hot Hitter sleeveless polo and Hot Hitter skirt.

More Hot Hitter Polo and Skirt photos. Also shown is a new bag.

Hot Hitter Dress photos. Also shown is Om Me Home jacket and Hot Hitter Skirt.

NEW Swiftly Print Top and Throw Me Om Jacket

I think this is a new Swiftly V-Neck top. I kind of love this. Putting it on my want list.

I thought the Throw Me Om jackets went straight to the outlets in North America but this photo is from a store.

More Golf/Tennis Line Photos

A couple more photos of the Hot Hitter line. I think the pieces are being marketed to be used for either tennis or golf, according to the text accompanying the photos but I don't know how true that will turn out to be. I've read numerous comments how the dress/skirt length will not fly at many private golf courses and now that we see the dress is essentially backless it definitely won't fly. However, my husband tells me that public courses around us are hurting for business so have become rather lax on enforcing their dress codes. Since a round of golf often takes five hours these days I know I have no interest in having my upper back exposed to the sun for that length of time. I'm trying to remember what I wore the last time I golfed. It was cooler so I seem to recall it was something like a pair of Still Pants (because of the pockets for my ball and tees) with a Swiftly tee and a Define Jacket. I was really hoping for some fun lululemon plaids for the golf line but it looks like we won't be getting that this year.

 Another photo just popped up. It looks like you can see the Bermuda shorts in this one. This golf wear looks ok but not very exciting.