Friday, May 17, 2013

Pizzaz Pace Breaker Shorts and More

Pizzaz Pace Breaker Shorts. To me, the color looks pretty close to Dazzling Orange from last year. US stores are starting to get some Pizzaz items in.

The Zippy Green Runbeam Pullover and matching Mod Moves Crops.

Twiggy print Breeze By shorts and matching Runbeam Hoodie. I didn't get mine yesterday, after all. It turns out my order from Monday is still processing - grrr. I'll call later to straighten it out.

I wore my Sun Chaser run hat the other day on a three mile run and really liked it - it's super lightweight and airy. Also shown in this photo is a scoop neck Swiftly LS and Inspire crops.

Zippy Green Bold Stripe CRB and matching Breeze By Skirt.

The White/Nimbus Runbeam Hoodie.

Soot Contempo Jacket and Twiggy Print Wunder Unders.