Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zippy Green Inspires, Breeze By Skirts, and More

Zippy Green Swiftly Tank and Inspire crops.

The Zippy Green Beach Runner Crops.

Zippy Green Runbeam Pullover and Mod Moves crops.

Some details on the Runbeam Hoodie. Mine comes tomorrow.

Soot Twiggy Print Wunder Unders.

Breeze By Skirt and Shorts.

Someone was asking about back fat in the new Stuff Your Bra II. The photos seems to be inconclusive. I didn't notice anything when I tried it on but I was more concerned with the level of support and how it was mushing me down in the front.

New colors in the 12 oz Amphipod handheld. I have one of these. This is my favorite summer/long run accessory.

More of the Latest

Runbeam Hoodie in White/Nimbus. Shown with Mod Moves crops.

Stuff Your Bra II and Move Moves Crops.

Zippy Green Stuff Your Bra and matching Speed (I think) shorts.

 New Breeze By Skirt Colors.

 Scoop Neck long sleeve Swiftly tops.

 Serene Pants and Scoop Me Up tank.

Soot/Nimbus Twiggy Print Wunder Unders.