Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photos of the Latest and Today's Shopping Trip

So check it out, Australia is getting the Layer Me Longsleeve in White/Aquamarine and solid Power Purple. I think it's out of season so doubt North America will get these but I am way jealous. (Shown with Power Purple Inspires)

I tried on the Mod Moves crops today. People are right, the luxtreme does feel a bit thicker and more compressive than it has been. I liked the style ok but felt I could definitely live without them. I think I prefer run crops with articulated knees like the Pace and Run For Your Life crops. I also tried on the new Beach Runner crops with the Power Purple detailing and those felt like the super stretchy, thinner luon we've been seeing. I took a photo of the tag on the Mod Moves. They were made in the Philippines. My Run For Your Life Crops were made in Indonesia and my latest Pace Crops were made in Singapore so the new factory might account for the different feel in fabric.

I tried on the Power Purple Bold Stripe SS Swiftly today. The material feels a bit thicker than my other Swiftlys. The top also seemed on the long side but that could be my imagination. I also tried on the Zippy Green Swiftly tank and toyed with getting it. It's a bit see through but not nearly as bad as Ray or some of the other light neon yellows. The new Swiftly tanks and short sleeves have some cute sayings sewn into the hems.

I tried on the new Stuff Your Bra II today. The fit is much more TTS this year than last. I liked this bra. I thought the support was a bit less than an Energy bra and it smashed me down a little more than an Energy but if I found this on sale I might pick it up. I think I am up to something like seven Energy bras now so don't really need another shelf bra. I am waiting for a Power Purple Ta Ta Tamer, though.

I was hoping to see the new Soot Twiggy Wunder Unders in my store but no luck.

Sun Chaser Hat shown in middle of bottom row
Flight Bonnet (left) and Sun Chaser (right)

Inside of the Sun Chaser

I exchanged the No Limits Tank I ordered last week and got two of the new Sun Chaser hats in Black and Aquamarine. Someone had a question about the brim on the Sun Chaser - it seems to be a bit wider than the lulu hats I already own - so more shade over your face - but the length is the same. It's not as rigid a brim as my other hats but when you tighten it on your head it curves over your face fine. The biggest problem I have with lulu hats is that they are frequently too shallow on my head and feel like I am wearing a beanie. I definitely have that problem with the Sea Wheeze plaid hat (shown in the middle of the top row of hats). The new Sun Chaser is very roomy, though, so if you have a problem with lulu hats being too shallow this is not one of them. There is no reflectivity on the brim but I guess this hat is made to be worn in the daylight. It's super light and airy, which is what I have been looking for in a run hat. The other new hat, the Classy Cap, is almost like a real baseball cap - very heavyweight and no circle mesh venting at all.

Runbeam Hoodie, Mod Moves Crops, Beach Runner Crops, and More

New Runbeam Hoodie, Mod Moves run crop, Stuff Your Bra II, and Swiftly Tank.

Runbeam Hoodie and Power Purple Inspire crops.

 Runbeam Hoodie and Zippy Green Beach Runner Crops.

Runbeam Hoodie and Mod Moves Crops.

Zippgy Green Beach Runner Crops and matching Swiftly SS.

More Mod Move Crop photos.

Soot Twiggy Wunder Under pants, Zippy Green No Limit Tank, and Contempo Jacket.

Australia's Upload

 Australia got the new Mod Moves Singlet in a very cute Aquamarine and Power Purple Striped Pattern. I wasn't going to get this top until I saw the Sea Wheeze offerings but that one is making me want it.

Australia also got some Nimubs Twiggy printed stuff- Om pants, Wunder Under Crops and Pants, and a new No Limit tank. I like this version of the print so much better. I am dying to try on the WUs and I like that NLT.