Monday, May 13, 2013


I couldn't resist the Aquamarine/Power Purple Runbeam Hoodie. I also wanted to order the matching Sun Chaser cap in Aquamarine and the Mod Moves crops but I prefer to try those both on in the store. I have to return the No Limit Tank I ordered last week (don't totally love it) so I have to visit the store anyway.

Mod Moves Crop

Sun Chaser Cap

Mod Moves Tank
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Canada got a Mod Moves tank uploaded to their side tonight. The description said the tank is made of Silverescent Sheer luon and Swiftly. The Swiftly portion is the little peplum at the bottom. I believe this style tank is the one we saw in last week's Sea Wheeze sneak peek photos:

Did you order anything tonight?

Mod Moves Crop Photos

Zippy Green Swiftly Tank and matching Mod Moves crops. The Stuff Your Bra II is underneath.

The Mod Moves have two front, one rear zip, and two holster pockets.

 Stuff Your Bra II photos.

Runbeam Hoodie, Mod Moves Crops, and Stuff Your Bra II

Runbeam Hoodie with matching Mod Moves Crops. I really love the Run in Sun LS I got last year at the Sea Wheeze. It's like extra light luxtreme. I wonder if this is made of the same material. I am really hoping the Run in the Sun makes a curtain call this year. I actually like this top but would never wear it in the summer. This is more like a fall/spring top for me.

The Mod Moves crops look like they have an extensive mesh portion on the back of the leg.

Stuff Your Bra II and matching Mod Moves Crops, in Zippy Green.

NEW! Run Beam Hoodie, Om Pants, New Beach Runner Colors, and More

New Run Beam Hoodie in Aquamarine Power Purple in UPF jersey material. Also shown are new Power Purple Beach Runner Crops.

 From Australia - a Zippy Green Cool Racerback, shown with new Power Purple Studio Crops Om pants.

New Bold Stripe Power Purple Swiftly Short Sleeve tee. Shown with Twiggy print Breeze By shorts and White Wunder Unders.

 Zippy Green Mode Moves Crops and the other versions.

More Stuff Your Bra II photos. Shown with the Breeze By skirt.

 Groovy Run Shorts in Zippy Green and Power Purple Twiggy Print.

 Zippy Green/White and Aquamarine/Twiggy Print No Limit Tanks.

The Power Purple Inspire Crops.

The Rosado Pace Breaker Shorts.

Rumor - Some new lightweight hoodies are coming (Scubas are going away for the summer). I'm hoping for something like the old Remix Lights or super sought after older Lux hoodies. (Thanks to Ms. "X" for the tip.)

NEW! Mod Moves Run Crop and Stuff Your Bra II (Update)

New Mod Move crops and Stuff Your Bra II. I hope these crops come in Power Purple. I bought the Power Purple Aquamarine Bold Striped Power Y for the Sea Wheeze and now I "need" some matching run crops. I also wouldn't mind trying a pair with the holster pockets for my shot blox.

All the new colors of the Stuff Your Bra II. What do you guys stuff down your bra? I can't see putting anything much down there other than a couple of dollars to buy water on a run.

 Hmm, there is an Aquamarine/Power Purple version. I'll have to check it out at the store or maybe just order it tonight. Decisions, decisions.