Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Australian Heads Up

From Australia -  Nimbus/Soot Light Twiggy Wunder Unders. 

A better view of the new Live Lightly Tank.

A Very Nice Mother-Daughter Series of Photos

Wearing Power Ys and Boogie Shorts

Swiftlys and Speed Shorts

Swiftlys and Track Attack Shorts

I really love this series of mother-daughter photos in their lululemon outfits.

More of the Latest

Zippy No Limit and Scoop Me Up Tanks paired with the Soot Gather and Crow crops.

It looks like the Bold Stripe Power Purple Swiftly is back to the regular length. I might need to check this one out.

The latest No Limit tanks.

The funky Twiggy print looks nice with Power Purple tops. The top photos show a new tank in Australia - the Live Lightly.

Swiftly tops and Track Attack Shorts.

More Contempo Jacket photos. 

First photos of the Dune/White Paceline Jersey.

NEW! Serene Pant

New Tencel Serene Pants.

Paceline Photos

Some photos of the new Paceline stuff.

I'm not sure what is going on with the shorts and all the wrinkles in the back.

No wrinkles here.

New Scarf, Scuba Hoodies, and More

The newest No Limit tanks shown with Gather and Crow Crops.

Track Attack Shorts.

New Clarity Scarves made of Vitasea, $58. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the bottom photo.)

From Australia - new Aquamarine/Power Purple Scuba hoodie.

From Australia, new Power Purple Scuba hoodie, new tank - the Live Lightly, Twiggy Wunder Unders.

 The gray Twiggy headband.

Aquamarine Scoop Me Up Tank (I think) and Twiggy Wunder Unders.

Power Purple Forme, Aquamarine Tank, and Twiggy Print Wunder Unders.

 Aquamarine Swiftly tank, Power Purple Energy bra, and Twiggy Quilt Print Speed Shorts.

 Power Purple hat.

 Power Purple Scoop Me Up tank and Aquamarine reversible Wunder Unders.

 Scoop Power Purple Swiflty LS.

Twiggy Print Wunder Unders.

White Scoop Swiftly LS and Speed Shorts.

The new striped print headband in upper left corner.