Monday, May 6, 2013


For the first time ever lululemon has No Limit Tanks in their on-line store in size twelve. The first No Limit I bought was a twelve but that was when they made them as a special test release for only a few stores and months before they mass produced them for all the stores. I also have a Flush No Limit in a twelve but I got that from a friend who found it at a Strategic Partner store. The twelves never made it on line. I have a couple of the larger fitting size ten No Limits but the tighter bra bands always start digging into me after an hour or two so I am psyched for this one. I wish it was solid Power Purple but I do like the Power Purple/Aquamarine combo. I also got the Power Purple/Aquamarine Bangbuster and glad I didn't get the Aquamarine/White one that came out last week.

The White Contempo jacket has a hint of a new pant style/color to come.

The Power Purple Contempo jacket also has a pant hint, they look like Soot Light Will Pants to me.

Funky Power Purple Inspire Crops. That waistband can be easily covered up.

New Love-Ly tank. Where has this Mellow Lemon one been hiding? That color is pretty much out of the stores, I thought.

 The new Paceline Jersey looks really functional and is in a great color but it's pricey at $128.

The Team Specialized Lululemon cycling kits were uploaded tonight. I really like them.

Whoa! How did I not spot these? New Pace Breaker shorts in Rosado pink (love the color for me). My husband has Senorita Pink Run Responses but not sure what he'll think of these.

What did you all get?

Upload Preview/What Is Coming to the Stores

Some interesting items showed up in one of my early product notice emails. This is the Bold Stripe Zippy Green and White CRB. If the Power Purple/Aquamarine Bold Stripe is coming in a CRB, too, I'm getting it.

New Bold Stripe Swiftly Tank in Power Purple. I like.

No Limit Tanks are back. This is Aquamarin/Twiggy Printed Power Purple. It is also coming in Zippy Green/White and Power Purple/Aquamarine.

New Zippy Green Groovy Run Shorts.

New quilted Twiggy Print Speed Shorts.

New Soot Light/Twiggy Nimbus Print. Also coming in Power Purple with the Power Purple Twiggy Print. I like the gray and white version of the print a lot better.

A few of you were wondering what Spry Blue looks like, this is the men's Dispatch hoodie.

NEW Scoop Neck Swiftly LS and More

New scooped neck Swiftly LS in Zippy Green. This was the neckline change I told you about a few days ago.

Contempo Jacket and Track Attack Shorts
The new print is called the Twiggy print. Photos showing the new colors in the Track Attack shorts.

Contempo Jacket.

Contempo Jacket, Track Attack Shorts, Luminous Tank

Contempo Jacket photos. I like it but wish it came in brighter colors. It's made of luon and $138.

Track Attack Shorts photos.

Contempo Jacket also shown.

Luminous Tank photos. This is made of Vitasea.

New Fly Away Tamer headband colors.

NEW! Track Attack Shorts

New short style out called the Track Attack. This is cut for more athletic legs.

Sea Wheeze Shorts and Tops Sneak Peek

Speed Short

Track Attack Short

Pace Breaker Short

Lady Logo

Dude Logo
A sneak peek of the shorts, either Speeds or Track Attacks, we are getting with our entry fee arrived in my email. I like them! Plaid Speed and Groovy Run shorts are such sought after items. I like the tanks shown with the shorts, too. They look very runner-like to me. I'm getting so excited for the race and I just made my flight reservations last night. One of my stores has something like fifteen of the staff going. I cannot wait to run that route again, it was so gorgeous.

NEW! Contempo Jacket

New Contempo jacket, $138, comes in Soot Light, White, and Black. I am not sure of the material but looking at these photos I'd guess luon, though it might be luxtreme I will update when I find out. It's luon.

New Print Wunder Unders - Twiggy Printed Power Purple

From Australia - the new print, called Twiggy Printed Power Purple, we saw on Groovy Run shorts last week has shown up on Wunder Unders. Hmmm. Shown with a Power Purple Scoop Me Up.