Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bold Stripe Power Purple and Zippy Green Power Ys and More

The Aquamarine Groove pants reverse to Power Purple.

Shown with the Inkwell Speed Shorts.
The Power Purple and Zippy Green Bold Stripe Power Ys are kind of fun.

Shown with Aquamarine Wunder Unders

The latest Scoop Me Up tanks in Zippy Green, Power Purple and Black.

Power Purple Studio Crops.

Cute outift combos above - Forme Jacket, the Aquamarine/Power Purple Reversible Groove Pants, and the Power Purple Bold Stripe Power Y.

The Front Racer looks really nice on this woman. She is wearing it with a Flow Y bra.

Spry Blue and Black Metal Vent Tech Shirts for the men.

Top to bottom - Deep Coal, Soot, Coal.

From left to right, Blurred Gray, Soot, Magnum. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the photos.)

These photos have a bit of greenish tinge to them. I tried on the Soot Studio Crops today and liked the color a lot. I hope there are Soot Studio Pants coming soon.

OT - Lorna Jane Trip Report

Just eight months ago I wrote a post about Australian active wear brand, Lorna Jane, coming to Southern California and now they have five stores in Orange County and ten in the Los Angeles area!! As a contrast, Athleta only has two stores in the LA/OC area so far. I finally made it to the Irvine store today to check them out. I did see a few tanks I liked  - the above is a laser cut nylon blend tank called the Mosaic Excel Tank that I really liked. However, the price is a wallet-emptying $69.99, definitely on the high side considering this tank does not have a built in bra. Besides the price a few other things led to me not buying this tank today. One is the store does not have a three-way mirror anywhere in it so you can't check out the back view. (Is this true of other LA/OC Lorna Jane stores? For the prices they are charging they need to put in some freaking 3-way mirrors.) The other is the insane return policy. You can only return for exchange or store credit. There are no returns for "change of mind purchases." This policy might fly in Australia but I can't really see it going over here in the US, especially when stores like Athleta pretty much let you return at will anytime. The third reason I didn't get the tank is the mediocre reputation the brand seems to have among the Australians that commented on my previous post about the brand.

One other thing I didn't like about the brand is that Lorna Jane puts "motivational" sayings or big "Lorna Jane's" on a ton of their products. There were some cute colors in tanks that I liked but since it had some trite saying on it I didn't even bother trying it on. I've read articles that call this a fitness fashion brand but I think the cut and color of clothes should do all the speaking. Words all over my clothes seems so passe to me. Overall, the style of the brand stuck me as rather flashy and not fasion.

 Return policy
You get a nice reusable shopper tote with your purchase.

I ended up getting some seamless boyshorts to give the brand a try. They are a thick knit material similar to that found in Patagonia undies. I wouldn't mind trying a tank but I will stalk the sale racks for items I like.

Update - I wore my new underwear today (5/3) and really like it. It doesn't ride up at all and is very comfy. I want to try this on a run but I may have found a new brand for technical underwear.

US/California readers - have you tried any Lorna Jane? What are your thoughts on the brand?

Today's Shopping Trip - Front Racer Love (I Know, I Know)

It must have been all those Battlestar Galatica photos because after bagging on the Front Racer Tank for the past few days I ended up buying one today. I tried on both the Silver and the Black and went home with the Black. I don't know whether I've run across a photo of it paired with the Energy Bra underneath but they work well together. It's a little longer than a CRB and wider so you can almost wear it as a tunic top. I have narrow, sloping shoulders so the weird front cutouts actually worked for me. The light luon used in both the Silver and the black was thick, soft, and reminiscent of the material used when I first started buying Cool Racerbacks. I would say the length of the Front Racer hits me about the same spot as it does the woman in this photo - a couple of inches below the crotch.

 Bruised Berry Faded Dot Cool Racerback on top the Front Racer Back Tank. Both are the same size. I will say the BB CRB does run a bit smaller than my other CRBs.

I also bought the Zippy Green Energy bra. The top photo shows it compared to the Faded Zap Energy. The middle photo shows it compared to an Alfalfa heaband. (I was hoping Zippy Green was similar to Alfalfa or Antidote.)  I've been reading comments that people have felt the newer Energy bra colors are fitting differently than older ones. I happened to wear a black Energy to the store today so here is the comparison of the two, the Zippy looks a little smaller.

I also tried on the Clarity tank and loved it. Since I have the very similar Tiny Tee from the Lab I was able to pass but if you like Vitasea tanks you might want to check this one out. I'd say this runs TTS. If it comes in more colors I would consider getting one.

I also tried on the Power Flow crops. I liked them quite a bit and didn't think they were overly sheer in the Beach Blanket. I wouldn't get any of the colors out in it now but the ed told me the black version of these were part of the pullback so I don't think more colors are coming in these right now.

BTW, remember these Embody crops that we got an accidental look at? They were part of the pullback, too, so won't be coming after all. I am bummed because I really liked the Inkwell Embody crops I tried on. I hope lululemon decides to remake this style with good luon because it's a winner in style and fit.

I also tried on the Elongate Burnout top. It's a nice style but the material is better suited for pajamas. If lululemon is going to do a burnout style then I'd prefer it in the manifesto prints or a pattern like used in the Perfect Layer Tees.

I also have another rumor for you - the SS Swiftly necklines are being changed to a more open style.

Zippy Green Energy Bra and More

Faded Zap (top) and Zippy Green (underneath) Energy Bras. I might have to pick up the Zippy Green one. I've resisted the Faded Zap but the ZG might be cute as an accent color under my tanks. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the photos.)

This photo makes Power Purple look a lot darker than in real life - Power Y, Groove Pants, and Zippy Green Scoop Me Up tank.

This color combo is growing on me - Aquamarine Make It Count tank and Beach Blanket Blue Wunder Unders.

Aqumarine Wunder Unders.

Fresh Teal Front Racer Tank and White Power Flow Crops.

 Paceline Jersey and shorts.

Love all these combos on this woman.

Interesting new Light As Air Shorts in Soot/Rosebud.

Daily Shorts in Chambray Plaid Spry Blue -  Spry Blue is real, ladies. However, this is a washed out version of it.