Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some of the Latest and a Rumor

More Lighthearted Tank photos. The top photo kind of cracks me up since it's all sheer - Lighthearted Tank and white Street to Studio crops.The bottom photo looks the best since it's layered over a full length tank.

Solid Beach Blanket Blue Inspire Crops. Shown with the Silver Lining LS and Swiftly Tank.

 I really like that she is wearing her clothes on the looser side here - Clarity Tank and Power Purple Studio Crops.

 Beach Blanket Blue Gather and Crow Crops with a Power Purple Forme Jacket.

The Paceline Jacket and Short. This is from an Australian store.

Also, I read a rumor that the Defines may be coming back. Not sure how solid this rumor is so don't take it to heart.