Thursday, April 25, 2013

More of the Latest

I'm liking the monochromatic theme here - Elongate LS, Parfait Wunder Unders, Pinkelicious CRB, and Parfait/Pinkelicious Yoga on the Run Duffel.

From Australia - the Paceline Jersey and padded Short.

Make It Count Tank photos. Anyone try this on yet? I don't think I've seen an attractive one yet with respect to how it makes the bust and overall shape look. It makes most of these women's bustline look extra flat, shoulders wider, and waists thicker. Not a flattering cut at all.

 White Wee Space Pace crops and Transparent See Jacket.

Shown with Heat It Up Shorts.

Also shown is Very Green Make It Count Tank with matching Frangipani print Groove Shorts. The guy is wearing a Precise Tee and Pace Breaker Shorts.
Elongate LS photos.

Aquamarine vs. Caspian, Aruba, Fresh Teal, and Angel Blue

 Caspian Swiftly vs. Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

 Caspian Swiftly, Aquamarine Cool Racerback, Heathered Angel Blue Cool Racerback. 

 Caspian Swiftly, Aruba Revitalize SS Tee, Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

Fresh Teal Cool Racerback (dug out of the laundry basket so extra wrinkly)  and Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

I got my Aquamarine Cool Racerback today. It's very similar to the Fresh Teal one, on the soft side and not super sheer. It's definitely a keeper for me.

White Boogie Shorts and More

I just love the Inkwell Work It Out shorts paired with white tops. The Elongate LS is shown. Also shown are new white Boogie shorts. I admire people who care wear white pants. I'd get them dirty before I even left the house.

Another Make It Count Tank photo.

Soot Free Fall crops (I wonder whether more Soot bottoms are coming), Clair Tee, and a Throw Me Over hoodie.