Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New We Made Too Much

So I bit and ordered the $29 Warm Up Crew. I liked the feel of it in the store but didn't love the back zipper, short length, and crazy high price but for $29 can totally live with the flaws.

More of the Latest

Cute combo - blue Swiftly and Work It Out Shorts. I like the Work It Out shorts so much better on the ladies in these photos than the models on the website.

I love the look of these wee space Speed shorts so much. Shown with matching Pinkelicious Practice Freely Tank.

Another cute combo - Parfait Pink Swiftly and Pinkelicious Pace Setter Skirt.

The new Make It Count tank shown with white Wee Space Inspire Crops.

Fresh Teal Silver Lining Tank and Inkwell Work It Out Tank.

Pinkelicious Frangipani Work It Out Short and matching Power Y

Power Flow Crops, Heat It Up bra and Puri Tee. I am curious to try these new crops on. I like the seaming details.

These are both labeled as Devotion LS but I think the bottom looks a lot like the new Elongate LS. Shown with white Wunder Under crops.

Elongate LS and white Power Flow crops.

Clari Tees (top) and Drish Tees (bottom).

Run: Make It Count, Paceline Cycling Kit, Elongate Burnout, and More

Run: Make It Count Tank photos. Shown with the Work It Out Shorts in the bottom two photos.

Elongate Burnout LS photos.

From Australia - the Paceline Cycling kit.

 Power Flow Crop Colors

The new Wee Space Pace Crops in Aquamarine and White

 Heat It Up Crops and Cool Racerback

Open Soul Tank and Presence Pant