Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Is Coming and More of the Latest

My product notice emails had way more exciting stuff than the store photos are showing. Pretty Beach Blanket/Aquamarine Frangipani print Free to Be Bra. Hook Me Up Bras in Beach Blanket and Wee Space Parfait Pink/Pinkelicious and a Beach Blanket Blue Ta Ta Tamer.

Aquamarine Cool Racerback. This was uploaded to the Australian side of the website but didn't show up in any of my emails so maybe it's coming next week.

Mellow Lemon Rejuvenate Sweatpants.

 Parfait Pink Practice Freely Tank.
Parfait Pink Tame Me Tank. I hope there is a Pinkelicious one coming.

New quilt waistband coming. These are boogie shorts.

Ooops! This is already in We Made Too Much

Cute Beach Blanket Blue/Aquamarine Urban Oasis Tote and Parfait/Pinkelicious Yoga On the Run Duffels. These plain bags are much better in fun colors.

The white wee space print Inspires, shown with a Very Green Swiftly tank and the Fresh Teal Rest Day Pullover.

Clari Tee and Beach Blanket Blue Street to Studio Crops.

Beach Blanket Blue color blocked Bonded CRB and Studio Pants.

Shown with a Silver Lining LS
Photos of the Breeze By Skirt, both regular and lazer cut versions.

Also shown are the new Wee Space Pinkelicious/Parfait Pink Speed shorts

More Silver Lining Tank photos.

Breeze By Short Photos

Fresh Teal Rest Day Pullover and More

Pretty new Fresh Teal Rest Day Pullover. Too bad I am not a fan of the style. Wish they would reprise the Effortless Hoodie or Flashback Pullovers in this new fabric and pretty colors:

Effortless Hoodie
Flashback Pullover
Shown with the Breeze By skirt and Beach Runner Crops.

Shown with Beach Runner crops.

The new Silver Lining tank. Still not liking it.

Shown with the Breeze By skirt

The Silver Lining SS. That whole outfit in the top photo does nothing for that girl.

Shown with the Breeze By Shorts

The long sleeve is probably the best of the Silver Lining release.

Breeze By Short and Skirt. Also shown are Fresh Teal Studio Pants.

I am really liking the Beach Blanket Blue/Aquamarine Vino to Vinyasa bag.