Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beach Blanket Blue Studio Pants, Street to Studio Crops, and Presence Pant

From Australia, Studio Pants in Beach Blanket Blue. Shown with the Bonded Cool Racerback.

 Street to Studio Crops coming in Beach Blanket Blue.

Beach Blanket Blue Presence Pant. Also shown are the Studio Pants.

Fresh Teal Rejuvenate Pant with a Beach Blanket Blue Cool Racerback.


Color Comparison: Pinkelicioius to Pow and Raspberry Glo

Left to Right: Pow Define, Pinkelicious CRB, Raspberry Glo CRB. At bottom: Pink Shell CRB and Bangbuster.
My Pinkelicious Cool Racerback came in the mail this afternoon and at first I wasn't going to keep it since I tried it on at the store at lunch and it seemed too bright to me. However, after I laid it next to my Pow Pink Define in natural light at home I really liked how it looks. If you aren't into pinks and already have Pow or Raspberry Glo, you can probably skip it, but I like it. I thought this was a softer CRB, too. It looks really nice paired with Pink Shell, too.