Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinkelicious In the Flow Crops and More

Pinkelicious In the Flow crops with the Pinkelicious Frangipani Power Y.

Beach Blanket Blue In the Flow Crops and Open Soul Tank.

Notice this photo was strategically cut off. If you zoom you can see the tag in the back.

Some Candy Stripe Aqua Wunder Under photos. Shown with a Practice Freely and Open Soul Tank.

Close ups of the Frangipani Print.

Rest Day Pullover, Pinkelicious Wunder Unders, Frangipani print tank.

 Beach Blanket Blue In the Flow crops and the bonded CRB.

 Burnt It Out Tank and Rejuvenate Crops

Open Soul Tanks.

New Candy Stripe Aquamarine Wunder Under Crops Are Sheer - Crazy Sheer (UPDATED!!! - Being Recalled)

I know I read initial reports these new striped Wunder Unders were sheer but I am surprised these weren't sent straight to the outlet or just turned into headbands. I don't think sizing up would help much in these, either. They'd still go sheer when you bent over. Why are items like these are still hitting the stores after the big media spotlight has been put on lululemon? It's a shame because I really like this print. (Thanks to Ms. K. for taking one for the team and letting me post this.)

4/12 Update - These are being recalled. Just posted 20 minutes ago on the LLL Facebook page:

Lululemon Athletica Hi all,
I really appreciate your patience while we looked into this. We took the insight and concerns you shared here we looked into this style. We determined that the Candy Stripe fabric was made of a single-layer luon, as opposed to a double knit luon which was originally intended for this style. As this isn’t what we intended for this product so we've taken them off of our floors and will happily accept returns from any of our guests who bought them.