Monday, April 8, 2013

Men's Briefs Prints

Floral Platoon Black

Dang, why is the men's underwear getting the more interesting prints? I love black monochromatic prints:

Seabed Print


I ordered the Pinkelicious Cool Racerback and Bangbuster headband. I briefly had the Beach Blanket Blue Cool Racerback in my cart, too, but it looks too similar to Beaming Blue. I want to see it in the store first but I think I will end up passing on it. I was kind of hoping for a Kayak Blue CRB but it looks like we aren't getting too many items in Kayak.

New towels and yoga mats were uploaded in Groovy Grape so it looks like that is a new color. I'll take a CRB in this.

Did you get anything?

Beach Blanket Blue in the Flow Crops and More

Beach Blanket Blue (I think) In the Flow Crops, Pinkelicious Energy bra, Burn It Out Tank.

Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.


More Open Soul tank photos. The stripe is only down the right side. 
Note the cute new Groovy Run (I think) shorts.

Transparent-See Jacket photos in Very Green and White.

Swiftly Tee, Pace Tight, Run Hat

Street to Studio crop, burn it out tank, free to be bra

Pinkelicious Swiftly and Pace Setter skirt

New Practice Freely Print

Hmm, it does look like the Frangipani print after all. New Practice Freely tank in Very Green/print. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the print.)

NEW! Open Soul Tank, Pinkelicious CRB, and New Prints

 Yay! New Cool Racerbacks in Pinkelicious and Beach Blanket Blue. So, I am reading some reports of some people having some bleeding with the new Pinkelicious Energy bra. I wore it for spin last week and didn't have a problem. I am hoping this is one of those excess-dye situations where it doesn't do it again after you wash it. Also, luxtreme tends to bleed easier than light luon so hopefully the CRB won't have a problem. However, you might want to wash the Pinkelicious CRB before you wear it or try wearing it with a darker bra/jacket for the first workout.

Color Comparison - (Left to right) Beach Blanket Blue, Beaming, Porcelain, and Rocksteady. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

New Bangbusters in Beach Blanket Blue and Pinkelcious. Note the print on the other side of the Pinkelicious. I can't tell if this is the Frangipani print or another one. It looks too big to be the Frangipani. (Thanks to Ms. N. for the photo.)

Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.
New Open Soul tank. Note the green print in the top photo - pretty!

The Transparent-See jacket has hit the stores.