Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Kira Grace Tanks

Goddess Yoga Sexy Tank in Wisteria
Grace Y Back Yoga Tank
Goddess Yoga Halter in Amethyst - made of lightweight material
Grace Double Strap Yoga Tank
Warrior Stance Tank in Watermelon
Kira Grace sent me a number of their tanks to check out. Things I like about Kira Grace Tanks - the longer length and feminine designs of the tanks, supportive built-in bras, wide straps that don't dig in, quality construction, and thick, luon-like material. The biggest problem I had with the tanks is that the fit was kind of tricky and only a couple of them really worked well for my DD chest.

All the tanks are long, some measurements: Double Strap - 24", Sexy Tank - 26", Y-Back - 27", Stance tank - 25", Halter - 26". 

Inside out view of a tank to show the built in bra. It uses a 1" elastic.

The underside of the built in bra
Some photos showing the built in bra construction. The built in bra is similar to older lulu (circa 2008 and earlier) with a one inch heavy duty bra elastic. The elastic is snug so provides good support. The only comment I'd make is that I found the built in bras a little "short" for my chest size. I wouldn't mind them a good half to three-quarters of an inch longer. As they are now, they are probably best for C (maybe a D) cup at most. There are no cup pockets in the tanks I was sent but the bra area is triple-lined for modesty. Kira Grace's newer tank styles now have cup pockets.

Goddess Yoga Sexy Tank

Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank on top of a Kira Grace Sexy Tank
The tank that was my favorite and worked best for me was the Goddess Sexy tank. I thought this one fit true to size and didn't give me any cleavage or armpit fat issues. The straps are nice and wide and supportive. For those of you who are bothered when straps put pressure on the back on your neck you might not like this tank. I found this tank comfortable.

Another tank I really liked was the Y-back Yoga Tank. However, the front scoop neck is pretty low and will show a lot of cleavage. I thought the wide straps were comfortable and the tank fit true to size.

Double Strap Yoga Tank
The Double Strap Yoga Tank is one of the tanks that I felt ran small in the bust. I squished out of the armpit area. I really liked the thick double straps and found them supportive. I wished this worked better for me because I really like the look of this design.

The Warrior Stance Tank doesn't look like much laying there on my floor but it's actually pretty hot stuff. It looks fantastic on the model but if you are very busty, look out. I felt rather exposed wearing it - it's pretty low cut and very open in the armpit area. It's super feminine but I was rather self-conscious wearing it in the gym. I kept yanking up the straps to cover up a little more. I think the design and color is beautiful but it wasn't for me.

Goddess Yoga Halter

The Goddess Yoga Halter is made of lighter weight material, kind of like light luon. The built in bra still has the heavy duty elastic, however. The fit on this tank didn't work for me either. The straps were too short for it to feel comfortable. If you like this tank style you might want to try sizing up.

I've worn and washed the pieces several times now and the materials and constructions are high quality. Kira Grace is made in the USA.  If you are looking for a supportive, heavier fabric weight tank (like lululemon's classic styles) with gorgeous feminine styling you should definitely check out Kira Grace. I know the prices are hefty but instructors get a 15% discount and they have periodic sales.

*** Full disclosure - I was given these items to review but there was no other compensation for the review. ***